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"I was invited by a friend to come to the first LMP meeting when I had started my first official music internship in London. I'd just finished uni and was a total nervous wreck trying to navigate an industry I didn't feel good enough for or really know anything about. Coming to my first meeting, I could barely get an intro of myself out to the full group, feeling super overwhelmed by my own inadequacy in experience, but was warmly welcomed by so many amazing women, all full of incredible advice. Since that first meeting there's been few I've missed, and along the way, I have met so many peers I can now call friends. I have managed to hear about and get jobs through people I have met at LMP, lean on so many talented women from an array of facets of the industry for advice, and also have what felt like communal therapy sessions where we can all bond over shared experience of this industry's many fuckries over some bevs. I'm eternally grateful for the community you and Tyson have built, and hope I'll one day be able to help others in the group like you all have helped me"

- Jasmine Srih (Never Seven)

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"I first heard about LMP through friends I recently connected with, wanting to pivot into the music industry. Since then it’s been such a welcoming experience to be a part of a supportive community.

I saw Jude from AIM’s post one day, needing a designer for an inclusive project for artists. They specifically were asking for POC designers so I jumped at the opportunity and sent them my portfolio.

I’ve been really grateful for the opportunity to connect and network with the guys at AIM but also design an identity that will be open to all artists wishing to make a break into the music industry. In a way, the audience was myself and that was special"

- April Keomorokot (Digital Creative / Designer)


"Ladies Music Pub is a unique safe space for women to connect, create and empower. I loved performing at Show  Me Something and have stayed in contact with so many people I met on the night"

- Yazmin Lacey (Artist)

"LMP is such an important organisation in the music industry. It creates a safe space where as women we can express ourselves and also inspire each other as well as being a management company and a record label. We still have a long way to go in terms of female representation in the music business but LMP is a massive step in the right direction"

- Mabel (Artist)


"Upon deciding that I wanted to work within the music industry (and not just within the wider ‘creative’ community after a pretty unfulfilling experience) I wasn’t sure where to start. After the first meeting I met women from almost every aspect of London’s music community and felt like I’d finally found my circle after just a couple of hours (and a few gin & tonics) sat around sharing stories with other people; some with worlds of experience and some with little like myself. 

That was in 2017.

Now only three years later I’ve spent two years working at record labels I could have only dreamt about working at and I have to thank Ladies Music Pub for facilitating a forum that helps people like myself on the outside find their way in"

- Nellie Owusu (Secretly Canadian) 


"Been meaning to write for ages to say that even tho was only there for a millisecond was such a good energy and so great to hear the conversation . Feels like there are so little to no  good solid safe open  spaces in this city for women and it really felt like that is one. such a gem"

- Amber Felix, director/producer

"Just want to say again, a massive thank you for the meeting. The feeling of solidarity and support I felt from the meeting created some seismic shifts within. It was really inspiring, strengthening and a big fat fresh breath of air. Thank YOU. What a relief LMP exists eh?!"

- Mabel Holland (musician)

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