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We are Ladies Music Pub; a non-profit organisation for women, non-binary and gender variant people working in and around the music industry. LMP is multi-faceted; it began as a community group and has recently developed into a record label, management and production company. Our organisation was founded by Tyson McVey and Hannah TW in 2015. At the time, Tyson was in a band called Panes and Hannah worked at Ninja Tune, running the Big Dada sub label. LMP was born of their shared frustrations from different sides of the industry.  


In 2019 Nellie Owusu and Marina Garvey Birch joined Hannah and Tyson in running LMP and growing its potential. Marina is a freelance creative producer and artist manager, Nellie is international digital account manager at Secretly Group, having earlier worked at XL Recordings (a job secured through the LMP network). We have currently around 3000 members in the online community, with influential supporters including Lily Allen, Robyn, Neneh Cherry and more. We’ve had success so far with helping women get employed through the network at XL Recordings, Warp, Boiler Room, Young Turks and many more. 


LMP has grown organically into a nurturing community on social media, its Facebook group is an important source of information-sharing and advice. With members spanning all areas of the music industry the group is used to connect artists with managers, lawyers, publicists and A&Rs. LMP have more recently been helping survivors of sexual harassment by providing legal contacts and advice. This sort of work is crucial in order to dismantle existing patriarchal structures and support people who feel failed by the industry at large. 

In 2021 we expanded LMP into artist management and founded a self titled record label (LMP Recordings) to release TYSON’s single ‘Red Handed'. When Covid-19 is under control, a regular event series will continue showcasing emerging live music, art and DJs; ensuring that LMP nurtures new talent and provides a platform for creativity.


LMP has several intentions  


  • Encouraging more women and gender minorities to join the music industry by helping record labels and music companies reach more diverse applicants. 

  • Providing a safe space and network through regular meetings and online spaces; sharing resources and job opportunities. 

  • Building the confidence of those entering the music industry, offering advice and solidarity to those who need it. 

  • Identifying problems and stress factors for women in the industry, campaigning for safer working environments 


Join our Facebook group or email us to find about the regular meetings. 


The British music industry is cismale dominated: Men featured on 81% of the 100 most played songs on radio in 2020. The UK Music 2020 taskforce found that women make up 64.7% of entry-level business roles, yet only 40.4% of senior executives. There are many stress factors that marginalise women and gender variant people in the industry: gender pay gaps, poor maternity support, sexual harassment, inappropriate comments, studios or office spaces that legitimise bullying, toxic masculinity, misogynist attitudes and the lack of visible role models, amongst others. 


About Ladies Music Pub

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